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Vedere Ventures expands into the European market, investing in industry innovator Motosumo, to deliv

Mandeville, Louisiana, January 9, 2017 - Vedere Ventures has announced a new investment with Copenhagen based Promentum Equity Partners into the Motosumo brand of fitness technologies to drive the market forward and democratize advanced fitness technology-based training tools.

The investment by Vedere Ventures is the first European investment for the US Based boutique investment firm headed by Bryan O’Rourke and his long-time business partner Robert Dyer, among others.

From niche to consumer product Motosumo has developed one of the leading gait analysis systems based on body-mounted inertial sensors using advanced sensor data analysis and modeling of motion physics. The technology has spread rapidly across verticals to universities, training camps, high-end sports outlets, physiotherapists, test centers and elite athletes.

Motosumo transformed their patent-pending technology to consumer product moving the entire concept to smartphones – the first in the fitness industry to capitalize on the increasingly accurate inertial sensors of the modern smartphone.

Motosumo has created the first network for group fitness, taking group training to a higher level and creating whole new dimensions and perspectives. The network allows the fitness industry to connect all group activities across members, instructors, classes, training concepts, and gyms all over the world without costly investment in new equipment and complex technical solutions. “We are excited about this investment,” says Vedere Ventures founder, and Fitness Industry Technology Council president Bryan K. O’Rourke. “As we continue to seek opportunity globally in the realm of fitness technology by investing in Europe, Pan Asia, and the Americas, we recognize the tremendous value in teaming up with Motosumo, who are visionaries and scientists with a proven track record in the development of biomechanical models for sports analysis since 2012. Bringing the technology to smartphones for intelligent training is the next evolution for ease of use and enhanced user experience.” “All members, all classes and all gyms become part of creating the strongest possible network. The technology can be used for all types of group training, and with the innovative watt solution ahead, no other company is in a position to offer a solution like it today,” points out Kresten Juel Jensen, CEO of Motosumo. Motosumo’s first app targeted indoor cycling. The smartphone simply mounts on the indoor bicycle’s handlebars and the user is ready to ride. The app displays cadence — or pedal revolutions per minute — and kcal in real-time. Previously this required more specialized equipment. If a gym has advanced bikes or heart rate monitors, they connect to the phones too and provide the input for Motosumo's group experience. “In addition to the cadence measurement, we now offer new more intuitive ways of visualizing data for improved understanding. Also, our interpretation of the data and explanation of general fitness terms is intended to make even advanced analysis easily understood and highly actionable,” adds Jensen.

Motosumo’s cloud-based solution automatically connects everyone in the same group, who can then compare themselves and compete with one another, and the instructor is better able to instruct with a full overview of the group’s performance in real time. All inside the app on members phones rendering big screens unnecessary or at least optional. At the same time, mutual interaction between the instructor and members is rendered possible through motivating messages such as smileys, cheers, rating of classes, instructors, concepts, etc., making for a whole new dynamic, insight-based training experience. Every Gym, Every Class, Every Member is Motosumo’s motto and the company has big plans to expand the portfolio.


About Motosumo

Motosumo is a Danish technology company with the mission to create the world’s leading network for group training with the help of advanced motion detection algorithms. Their groundbreaking technical solution enables everyone to receive real-time measurements and connects everyone live, solely via their mobile phone.

About Vedere Ventures

Vedere Ventures is a boutique private equity firm launched in 2016. Led by industry leader Bryan K. O’Rourke, and his longtime partner Robert Dyer, among other fitness industry leaders, Vedere Ventures is composed of a team of Operators at heart, with the mission to work with all portfolio companies directly to add real, measurable value. Investing in the companies of tomorrow. Built on the timeless fundamentals of today.

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