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VertiMax Delves into the Fitness Industry with RaptorFit

TAMPA, FLORIDA — August 8, 2018 — TAMPA, FL - The team at VertiMax has a new vision for fitness with the introduction of the RaptorFit solution.

During a weekend of collaboration and strategic planning, with leading fitness experts from around the world, VertiMax made it’s debut into the fitness space conveying the message that they are no longer strictly a product driven company.

VertiMax, known for creating cutting edge training tools that provide athletes training advantages for over forty years, has entered into collaboration with Fitmarc, plans to offer the same elite solution for the fitness industry.

Fitmarc, a leader in consulting and delivering solutions to a variety of organizations has teamed up with VertiMax to assist in navigating the fitness market. The RaptorFit Solution, is a new approach that will provide metabolic-functional-strength-balance-speed-power programming, education, equipment to facilities in all facets to the fitness industry.

Team Vertimax’s RaptorFit Pre-Launch Event in July, brought fitness influencers and experts from all over the world together in one room to collaborate on the solution driven concept. Workouts were tested, experiences shared and business solutions mapped out with the insights of the participants.

“Having some of the best fitness trainers, leaders and athletes in the world at the RaptorFit event at VertiMax headquarters was an honor. The feedback and input we received was invaluable and will truly help us with a successful launch of RaptorFit,” says CEO of Vedere Ventures, Investor, and VertiMax Board Member, Bryan K. O’Rourke.

Director of RaptorFit Programming Development and Trainer Education, Chris Gorres explains, “RaptorFit is a fun, new training program that takes resistance training a whole new level. Using resistance that can be changed to create any angle, fitness enthusiasts can now work on strength with velocity, creating the results they’ve always wanted. RaptorFit programs are suitable for all ages and levels, with appropriate challenges, progressions and regressions for each functional movement.”

VertiMax will be unleashing the RaptorFit solutions this fall. To be the first to find out more details and information, sign up for the VertiMax RaptorFit new announcements here.

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About VertiMax

VertiMax provides sports, functional and rehabilitative training solutions to fitness facilities, training centers, and high school and college athletic programs including for use by student and professional athletes at home or on the field.

Thousands of U.S. high schools and 80% of D1 universities utilize VertiMax technologies and platforms including their portable Raptor product. Over 40% of professional US sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots, among others, utilize the technology extensively.

To learn more visit or follow @VertiMax on major social networks.

About Fitmarc

Fitmarc, firmly committed to quality, innovation and service, was the regional distributor for Les Mills in the south central United States for over ten years and a strategic partner with a variety of leading global fitness and wellness players. During the course of that decade Fitmarc trained over 25,000 fitness professionals in 850 facilities delivering a great fitness experience for over 1 million participants.

About Vedere Ventures

Vedere Ventures is a boutique private equity firm launched in 2016, with investment business around the world. Led by industry leader Bryan K. O’Rourke, and his longtime partner Robert Dyer, among other fitness industry leaders, Vedere Ventures is composed of a team of Operators at heart, with the mission to work with all portfolio companies directly to add real, measurable value.

Investing in the companies of tomorrow. Built on the timeless fundamentals of today.

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