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Ground-breaking new group seeks members to collaborate and help standardize the health and fitness t

For Immediate Release

Covington, LA, September 24, 2014 - Fitness technology is evolving and poised to play a critical role in the lives of tens of millions of individuals. The Fitness Industry Technology Council (FIT-C) is a collaboration of leaders representing innovative companies and organizations within the field of technology and across the fitness industry. Fit-C is seeking the involvement of innovators and forward thinkers to join and develop a common networking solution that is affordable and adoptable. By saving on development costs and establishing the standards to move this industry forward, we can leverage the networking solution across the multitude of applications being developed today and into the future.

Health and fitness technology is exploding! We are on the cusp of unprecedented change and opportunity. New technologies are converging to deliver total wellness solutions through data aggregation, social components and conveniences that transcend current industry

standards (such as weight, body mass index (BMI), exercise and calorie tracking). Emerging technologies promise groundbreaking access to comprehensive biometric data, activity level and behavioral patterns. In turn, users will be more engaged in personal fitness, behavior modification and better personal health monitoring.

The goal of FIT-C is to improve the user experience and mature the collection of real-time wellness data through the creation of interoperability standards for technology-based fitness devices and applications (similar to the early beginnings of WI-FI standardization).

Success Through Collaboration

The four main FIT-C focus areas are:

1. To combine and mobilize resources to drive the fitness industry forward, by minimizing the need for each organization to independently create proprietary solutions for each situation.

2. To develop and promote technology standards for fitness equipment, third party applications, API and fitness devices which will encourage widespread adoption and seamless integration of useful data.

3. To protect the intellectual property of current and prospective participants.

4. To create an open forum, allowing all sectors of the health, fitness and technology industry to participate and eliminate the need for proprietary solutions FIT-C is introducing an open network platform for key manufacturers, and third party software developers such as data tracking applications, asset management software applications and sensor based developers. Working group participants will be encouraged to collaborate in an open environment to ensure that their specific requirements for data collection applications are achieved.

To facilitate this platform, Fit-C is utilizing ECOFIT Wireless, Ant+ and Bluetooth. These protocols are all robust, low cost, low power and are capable of being integrated with all main brands of fitness equipment.

The ECOFIT Wireless protocol has been carefully engineered, and thoroughly tested over the last four years to ensure its reliability in the noisiest and densest of environments.

The Nordic combination Ant + Bluetooth chip brings proven reliability and interoperability with the widest range of smart accessories and sensors.

Intel will play a key role in this working group as they are currently bringing a commercial fitness console to market in conjunction with Advantech and Wind River. All members of the working group have access to the console and the opportunity to collaborate and provide valuable feedback.

API development and maintenance is a key strategy that businesses must consider in today’s networked world. Chuck Freedman from Intel Services, which supports the Intel Mashery API Products and Services Portfolio , will be joining our working group as API Strategy Advisor, helping us understand and define how platform fitness data and services will connect our

customers with equipment, devices and applications through well-managed APIs.

Continued Benefits of Membership:

• Eligible for election to the Board, and to participate on committees with full voting rights

• Opportunity to participate in development of interoperability standards

• Early adopter/developer advantages with technology

• Access to an established market with millions of users

• Recognition in FIT-C marketing and communication materials, including annual “State of the Fitness Technology” white paper

• Networking opportunities at member meetings and via the FIT-C web site

• Inclusion in the FIT-C online buyer’s guide

• Participation in roundtable events with health care/wellness organizational members

• Exclusive offers and discounts

T.F. Hodge once wrote, “When individuals and communities do not govern self, they risk being ruled by external forces that care less about the well-being of the village.” This holds true, as technological innovations are revolutionizing the way we live, no aspect of our modern lives will untouched. The fitness technology is broad in scope and impacts health and wellness like nothing else it must be standardized and governed from within for the good of all.

The revolution is here. It’s time to move.

# # #

About FIT-C

FIT-C was in founded in February 2012 as a non-profit membership organization. Led by Bryan O’Rourke,

President of Integerus, LLC, along with board members Paul Lockington, Dynastream Innovations, Inc. (Treasurer), Conor Clancy, Intel Corporation, Kelly Sweeney, Club Apps and Ted Vickey, Fitwell, LLC, the council has a mission of increasing collaboration to enhance user experience in the industry.

FIT-C is currently working to build or improve several important technology standards for the fitness industry and believes in today’s highly connected world, seamless integration of user data needs is critical to provide custom user experiences and total interoperability.

Current Working Group manufacturer members include, Star Trac, Stairmaster, Schwinn, Woodway, Octane SciFit and SportsArt. Other Members include Intel, Mashery, ECOFIT, Integrus, Fitness EMS, Dynastream, MyZone, Garmin, Gold’s Gym and Wellbridge with more members to come.

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